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Residents of Saxonvale can lead a more sustainable lifestyle

The redevelopment of Saxonvale is set to be a characterful and vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood that encourages a sustainable lifestyle where residents can live, work, relax and play within close proximity. The design of Saxonvale draws on the sustainability credentials of its central location to facilitate living and working lifestyles that contribute to addressing climate change and safeguarding nature., empowering residents to live more sustainable lives,.


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A greener future

  • Facilities conveniently placed to reduce the need to commute by car

  • New pedestrian links and cycle routes

  • Communal electric car charging points

  • Personal charging points for e-bikes and e-scooters

  • Electric car club and e-bike club facilities

  • Sustainable Water Management and Drainage System

  • Public drinking water fountains

  • Communal gardening opportunities for fruit and veg production 

Saxonvale Square_Sketch_v6.jpg

Energy efficient homes

Our fabric-first approach and intelligent design ensures we maximise the performance of the building through the use of systems aimed at reducing carbon footprint and lowering energy bills. Including sustainable features such as triple glazing to windows and doors that helps to insulate rooms and minimise the transfer of heat. All homes will also feature energy saving appliances, smart meters  and efficient lighting.


Electric car charging points

A leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions are seeking to provide 17 communal fast rapid car chargers. The energy supplied to these charging points will be from Good Energy and based on 100% renewable energy generation,, supporting the future of electric vehicles and making the use of renewable energy easily accessible to the new and existing community.

One Planet Living

Bioregional, an award-winning internationally renowned sustainability charity, work with companies to create homes and communities that make it easy to live a sustainable lifestyle. The charity have analysed the proposed sustainability strategy for Saxonvale and confirmed that the scheme addresses all ten One Planet Living principles that cover social, environmental and economic sustainability.

We believe a focus on sustainability and wellbeing should be at the absolute forefront of everything we do.  Acorn Green represents our commitment to the implementation of the best possible design and technologies to further drive down the carbon footprint of our homes, moving towards long-term sustainable housing in communities.


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We want to hear from you

The redevelopment of Saxonvale is an exciting opportunity to deliver a dynamic new scheme to suit the current and future needs of a growing community. If you have any comments or questions, please fill out the form, or email us.

If you would to like to register an interest in living at Saxonvale, visit Acorn's website.

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