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Acorn Property Group’s vision for Saxonvale is to create an exciting and vibrant new community, where residents can live, work, socialise and play. The scheme has been designed with a live-work lifestyle in mind and an approach to flexible work space, enabling people to work from home in a range of different formats that goes beyond a home study/office. A proportion of apartments and houses will recognise the need to be adaptable with an offering that supports homeworkers by ensuring a range of workspaces, such as having a studio or workshop close by and available in various sizes that can accommodate a range of activities as needs evolve.

Saxonvale will provide 45,000 sq ft of new commercial space (a space almost twice the size of Frome Business Park) centred around a new public square which will create a lively community hub supporting independent businesses. These commercial buildings will provide space for retail units, workshops, offices, an arts and culture centre, plus food and drink outlets, creating a destination for residents, visitors and businesses both locally and further afield. Acorn want to encourage a wide range of businesses and end users to take up residency at Saxonvale, boosting Frome town’s economy and further diversifying and enhancing Frome’s creative and social reputation by complimenting and integrating with the existing town.

There is also added reason to be excited as the new Saxonvale development will see a brand new Café open along the riverside overlooking parkland, where the community can take a coffee break, relax and socialise.

Robin Squire, Managing Director of Acorn’s Bristol Region, said: “The commercial space is a crucial element of Saxonvale as it will serve many other roles to the community, creating a lively area for public gathering as well as boosting the local economy and providing the new neighbourhood with a compelling range of amenities which will be a vibrant addition to the already successful high street. Acorn has been in conversations with a number of independent local businesses who have already expressed an interest at the prospect of moving into these exciting new premises.”

Cllr Ros Wyke, Leader of Mendip District Council, said: “Saxonvale is a carefully considered regeneration scheme that’s rooted in community and packed with potential opportunities for residents and local businesses. It will further-boost the town of Frome, and strengthen the connection between people, and the place they share.”

If you are interested in the commercial opportunities at Saxonvale please email

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