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Our Vision

To deliver an exemplary bespoke development on the banks of the River Frome.

A meticulously designed scheme taking the historic grain of Frome as its starting point and delivering a characterful vibrant, residential-led mixed-use community, with flexible commercial uses, high-quality public realm, and homes for all ages.

Creating a dynamic neighbourhood of 300 new homes along with 45,000 sq ft of expansive commercial space.

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Highlights will include a new riverside café and park facilities complete with play equipment and open grassland. As well as a thriving public square designed as an open-air venue that can be used for market stalls, entertainment and sports purposes, fostering the vitality and cohesion of this new neighbourhood as a community hub for the residents of Frome.

The commercial space will Include purpose-built retail and eateries that complement the existing high street;  live-work units and a purpose built co-working area that has the prospect of creating 350 new job opportunities further boosting the town

New pedestrian routes and cycle paths will open up access to the town centre as well as a new bridge that will link the development with Rodden Meadow. This new sustainable neighbourhood will provide opportunities for residents to live, work and play within close proximity to the town centre, boosting local economic activity and reducing the need to commute by car.

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We want to hear from you

The redevelopment of Saxonvale is an exciting opportunity to deliver a dynamic new scheme to suit the current and future needs of a growing community. If you have any comments or questions, please fill out the form, or email us.

If you would to like to register an interest in living at Saxonvale, visit Acorn's website.

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